Classic Golfers- Old Tom Morris

Recommended as Class/Category Winner Trophy/Souvenir

A Raymundo's Awards statuette inspired by the professional Golfer Tom Morris

  • Bio:
  • Date of Birth: June 16, 1821
  • Date of Death: May 24, 1908
  • Birthplace: St. Andrews, Scotland
  • Open Championship: 1861, 1862, 1864, 1867
  • Greenkeeper at St. Andrews: 1865-1904
  • Designed or remodeled 75 courses.

Comes fixed on a circle base- customizable.

Highly detailed and life-like.

Material: Crushed Marble and Stone/ Color: Gold, Silver & Bronze

11" Figure with 2" base: Php 1,300.00 (add Php 100.00 for every added inch on height of base)

Exclusive of 12% VAT

  1. Additional Php 100.00 for multi-colored figure (Customize the color of the golfer's pants, shirt, belt, hat, shoes, hair, skin color, and base or Opt for our Standard Multi-colored Golfer)
  2. Additional Php 200.00 for Sublimated Brass Plate for wordings with logo

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